The Verik Team

The time has come to achieve reliable, curative outcomes for patients with advanced solid cancer.

Our systems, technology, and strategy are specifically designed to achieve High Curative Potential (HCP) using the most biologically direct form of immunotherapy: Adoptive (T) Cell Therapy (ACT).


We are committed to developing broadly applicable ACT capable of delivering curative outcomes for the majority of patients treated.


It’s time to Change the Treatment Paradigms for advanced solid cancer.

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Solid Progress On Solid Tumor Cancer

Curative by Design™

Only a few scientists have had broad experience
in successfully commercializing a cell-based therapy.  Three of those individuals founded Verik.

Verik’s team has a forward-looking, yet grounded, perspective on what it will take to make ACT a curative reality for major forms of cancer.


The Verik Team is leading the way once again.

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Strategy To Technology To Outcomes

Our approach to Adoptive (T) Cell Therapy (ACT) is one rooted in how biology works, connecting the tumor and the immune system.

Biology First Discovery finds the strongest opportunities for curative outcomes.

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Our SeleCTR(Selection of Curative T-cell Receptors) platform is designed to find the cancer proteins and their antigens best suited for High Curative Potential™ (HCP) ACT against solid tumors.

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Today, Verik's Pipeline is rich in therapeutic possibilities and could reach well over 100,000 advanced cancer patients annually in the US alone, and our work continues.

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