Curative by Design™

Our Pipeline Has Extensive Clinical Reach
in Solid Tumor Cancer

Alone or in combination, Verik’s pipeline candidates will offer a variety of options for treating  multiple types of solid tumors.

Initially, we plan to focus on advancing two high-impact candidates that have compelling clinical data supporting their expression in major solid cancers and their metastases. T Cell Receptor (TCR) therapies directed against these two targets could provide a long-lasting solution for nearly 100,000 advanced-stage cancer patients annually in the US alone.


Each High Curative Potential (HCP) target has a Toolbox of High Probability (HP) epitopes for the major histocompatibility (HLA) types, which will allow Verik to efficiently extend TCR-based HCP therapies to a global population.

Our current pipeline of HCP targets:


Leucine zipper P4 (LUZP4)



Also, Verik has two HCP candidates that could address sarcoma, a rare type of breast cancer, as well as salivary gland and thyroid cancer.


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