Curative by Design™

Our Team Has The Expertise To Make
T Cell Therapy A Curative Reality

Verik's founders represent the rare combination of cutting-edge scientist and insightful applied biologist.

Creating a novel cancer immunotherapy is both and an art and science that requires far more than academic knowledge. Having learned from the pioneering achievement of advancing the first
FDA-approval of a living cell therapy to market, Verik’s founders
are poised to succeed once again with the help of a  team of experienced, savvy professionals.

Nancy L. Parenteau, Ph.D.

Nancy L. Parenteau, Ph.D.

  • Principal Co-founder  more

    • Nancy is an internationally recognized thought leader and
      C level executive in translation and commercialization of
      cell-based therapy and regenerative medicine.

    • She was the principal scientist responsible for the first US approved living cell therapy, a bioengineered living skin construct (Apligraf®, Organogenesis Inc.), which remains the most advanced product for the treatment of chronic wounds.


    •  She rose to prominence in the tissue engineering field during her fifteen years at Organogenesis Inc. ultimately becoming its Senior Vice President and CSO.

    • As Verik's President and CSO, Nancy contributes leadership, vision and strategy and is active in target discovery and technology development.


    • Nancy received her degree in cell and developmental biology and anatomy from Georgetown University School of Medicine and trained in epithelial biology and carcinoma as a Harvard postdoc.

Janet H.Young, Ph.D.

Janet H. Young, Ph.D.

  • Co-founder more

    •  A cellular immunologist, Jan established preclinical and clinical immunological safety for first allogeneic cell therapy, still an  FDA benchmark. She also gained preclinical, analytical, clinical and post- marketing study experience at Organogenesis Inc.

    • Jan trained in cellular immunology as a postdoc at the University of Georgia and Harvard.

    • Jan continues to help refine of our SeleCTR platform technology and is developing our preclinical plan.

    • She received her degree in immunology from Georgia Tech.
Joseph C. Laning, Ph.D.

Joseph C. Laning, Ph.D.

  • Co-founder more

    • Joe is a molecular immunologist and stem cell biologist who has pioneered analytical testing programs for oncologic and tissue repair cell therapies.

    • Joe was involved in various aspects of our SeleCTR™ Platform leading to the discovery of several High Curative Potential™ targets and T cell epitopes.

    • Joe received his degree in Molecular Immunology from Harvard.
Susan J. Sullivan, Ph.D.

Susan J. Sullivan, Ph.D.

  • Principal more

    • Susan has extensive industry experience in both cell-based therapies and targeted oncology products. An important early contributor in the field of tissue engineering, her groundbreaking research focused on several key areas of regenerative medicine.

    • She also brings extensive alliance management experience in immuno-oncology product development (ADC partnerships, ImmunoGen, Inc.). Susan coordinated efforts with major pharma and biotech to bring ten products into clinical  development.

    • She provides guidance and leadership heading Verik Operations and will oversee our external relationships.

    • Susan received her degree in cell biology from the University of Pennsylvania and did her postdoctoral training at Harvard.

Douglas Hardin, Ph.D.

  • Advisor more

    • Dr. Doug Hardin is both Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University. His research interests include machine learning and bioinformatics as well as discrete minimum energy problems, inverse problems, and wavelets.

    • Doug started out as an electrical engineer educated at Georgia Tech (BEE Highest Honors) and Stanford (MEE) before receiving his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Georgia Tech.  He joined Vanderbilt University as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in 1986 where he rose to full Professor of Mathematics as well as Biomedical Informatics in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Doug is a member of the American Mathematical Society, and served as the Associate Editor of Mathematics of Computation from 2011-2016.

    • Doug provides input and expertise in the development and refinement of our SeleCTR™ algorithm for neoantigen identification and qualification.
David Presky, Ph.D.

David Presky, Ph.D.

  • Advisor more

    • Dr. David Presky has 30 years of industry experience in inflammation, auto-immune disease, oncology research and biologics discovery. Most recently, he was the Senior Director of Functional Biology at AnaptysBio. Previously, he served as an Executive Director at Boehringer Ingelheim. David led research programs in immunology and inflammation that included immune modulation and discovery of new biologic entities. While an Associate Director at Abbot's Bioresearch Center, he directed a large team that evaluated all immunology discovery research. Prior to that he spent thirteen years at Hoffmann-LaRoche as a Research Investigator and Project Leader investigating various aspects of inflammation, autoimmunity and oncology..

    • David trained in immunology as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Ethan Shevach, Chief of the Cellular Immunology Section at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health. He received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Harvard University.

    • David provides input on tumor immunology and genetics, immunological analyses, validation methods, and systems development.


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